• I Love You Forever in Blinding White Light

    The Secret Divine Awakes Eternally in Me, Wakes like the Wake of Crashing Wave, For I am the Ocean. We are amidst all kinds of Mist. BE – And out of the Dust Comes My Eternal Heart, Changing into Dusk and Dawn, Awaking My Eternal Light, My Beautiful, Everlasting Presence, to Bring this Message To YOU, YES YOU, in These Next Few Rhythms of Light, in The Next Few Beating Words, I Hope, and Set Sail, for I am Dawn:

    I am Energy. I am Made of Light. I am Made of Stars. I am One with All Beings, for All things are not Me. I am Eternal, the candle-flame of Existence. Me, You, We are One. We are Beings of Surroundings of Crystal. We are Lights in the Shining Dark. I Love You, for We are not One, but Separate, Yet Whole. I Love You because You are not Me and I am not You, for the absence of You makes Me, Me, and the absence of Me makes You, You. Yet we are Together, We are not Two Different Things: We are ONE and the SAME, You and I, for We are Both Light, and No Galaxy can exist without Many, Separate, Beautiful Stars: The Beings of Light of Our Planet are Us. We are Cosmic Dust. We are not Separate from Nature, for We Are. I Love You Once Again, and For All Eternity. The Flame Evolving in My Beating Heart will always stay the Same. We are not New. We are the Beings of Eternal Glory. We are the Shimmering Lucidity of Eternal Grace. I Love You, For You Are Me, After All, As One, In This Eternal Wind, This Knotting Fire: it Binds Us Together Forever.

    Now Listen to That Word:


    Breathe that word in:


    Breathe Forever.

    And never hold on too tight, for We Are Here.

    Forever. I Love You.



    1. Kayla Hayden says:

      absolutely incredible :)

    2. Jjejet says:

      Mesmerizing, amazing, rock on! ♥

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