• My Autism Diagnosis

    Intro In June 2017 I was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, which is a mental disorder that occurs since birth in which one cannot understand social behaviour and struggles to interact socially, as well as an inability to filter out one’s senses. Symptoms are discussed in more detail in this […]

  • I Love You Forever in Blinding White Light

    The Secret Divine Awakes Eternally in Me, Wakes like the Wake of Crashing Wave, For I am the Ocean. We are amidst all kinds of Mist. BE – And out of the Dust Comes My Eternal Heart, Changing into Dusk and Dawn, Awaking My Eternal Light, My Beautiful, Everlasting Presence, […]

  • Atoms in the Tapestry of the Universe

    The Law of Nature, as Defined by Our View of the World, is seen as something Fairly Chaotic. Also, that this Law by which we stand, is Also Uncontrollable, and Must be Worked With. This is all True. But, by Our Definition, We say that as a Result of this, […]

  • King’s Post

    When I was in school, there was this spot. Two friends and I used to hang there during breaks in between classes. It was a balcony, with a view of this huge tree. We called it King’s Post. Every time we stood there, no matter what problems we were dealing […]

  • A Piece of the Whole

    Many Moves are played in Chess, the Final Move is as important as the Movement of a Simple Pawn. All Moves encompass the Whole of the Game. All Moves determine the result. But it is in each Move itself that the result is contained. The Glory of a Chess-Match is […]

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