Three and a half years ago, when I got sick with Glandular Fever, I started figuring out all the pieces of what was then my Broken and Lost Life. I found everything I could have ever Dreamed, and most of all I found that I actually had the Power to change things, into what I Truly wanted in my Heart.

I had gotten to a point where I felt like everything I had ever really wanted, and hoped for, and Dreamed of, was not possible. That Life wasn’t really going to be what we had always hoped when we were kids.

But I started to find that that Belief was not True.

While I was in bed, I spent about 8 hours a day just analyzing everything about Me. First I figured out how I think, I realized that people had told me it was wrong to think in a certain way. I realized, that when I had “grown up”, I had forgotten how to just…Be Me.

And so I went the other way. I let myself process everything. I had massive insomnia. One night, I realized that I wasn’t sleeping because of all the issues that were bothering Me. But instead of trying to calm down, and got up, and let myself Move, and Feel whatever Anxiety I was feeling. It was in many of those nights that I uncovered so much of Myself. I realized so many things, and started to experience Epiphanies much more often. Everything was clearer, I slept better, I moved better, I spoke differently. And I started to see that when I followed what I felt within Me, everything around Me started to make much more sense!

Eventually, after 2 years I felt I had accomplished Almost Everything. My Relationships, My Mind, My Actions, even my Speech. I Believe everyone can do anything that they put their Mind to, most people just don’t know where to start, where to finish up, or how to do what’s in between. Always start with How You Feel. LET Yourself go with it, without judgment. I found everything through that.

I had figured out everything, everything except my Career. I realized, most of my anxiety, was revolving around this issue. I always knew what I Loved, but at the time, it seemed absolutely impossible to make a career out of any of it. I remember for 3 months, spending every hour I could brainstorming for an idea.

One day, it all came to Me. It was One Sudden Instant. It was Life In Digittal, the Gateway to My Dreams. I now write, speak and present my Music to You, it is my Expression in any Form Possible. I get to spend my Life doing what I Love, expressing. And I present it to You now. My name is Digitt. Welcome to Life In Digittal…


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